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Sales Manager(BKK Office)

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Job Title:Sales Manager(BKK Office)
Salary:N/A Baht.
Job Description:• Analyzes current client base or target market for the hotel.
• Devises new ways to expand that client base.
• Develops promotional and advertising materials for the hotel.
• Oversees distribution of marketing materials.
• Reaches out to organizations and businesses that might require a hotel for conferences and events.
• Meets with representatives from these companies to explain the hotel’s merits and amenities.
• Networks with wedding planners and special event planners to encourage hotel bookings.
• Designs and advertises special group rates and packages to increase larger bookings.
• Overcomes hesitations of clients to close a sale.
• Manages accounts of high-profile clients.
• Processes payments and applies discounts as necessary.
• Addresses and resolves any issues or complaints regarding sales or marketing.
• Ensures that guests are enjoying their stay at the hotel and that large group needs are met.
• Maintains positive relationships with clients to encourage repeat and recurring business.

Qualifications:• Demonstrates strong organizational skills.
• Exhibits excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
• Is willing and able to travel to establish and maintain client networks.
• Demonstrates ability to think creatively and analytically.
• Is capable of creating and maintaining a large client network.
• Demonstrates familiarity with budget software and financial management.
• Communicates clearly and effectively.
• Possesses strong leadership skills.
• Is familiar with the workings of the hotel and hospitality industry.
• Demonstrates strong persuasive and negotiation skills.
• Works well with a variety of different individuals.
Category:Sales & Marketing
Post Date:Mon, 10 Apr 2023 14:36:33 +0700
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